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Montgomery County Texas History, Volume 1
Compiled and written from 1977 to 1981, this 4 year effort was published in 1981. This book is an outstanding example of traditional genealogical narrative written by families whose roots run deep in Montgomery County Texas.

It is prefaced with an account of the development of Montgomery County Texas by noted Texas historian, Professor Leon Clark Hallman.

Montgomery County Texas History, Volume 1 was awarded a 1982 First Place Winner status by the Texas State Genealogical Society. It is a hard bound 9" by 12" book with numerous Maps, Photos and Illustrations. 632 pages. Published in 1981.
Book #6003.COH.

NOTE: While this publication is , for the most part, no longer available for purchase anywhere, Montgomery County Texas History, Volume 1 is usually available in ragged condition at larger genealogical librarys throughout America. We have heard that some are still available for viewing at national archive librarys in England, France , Germany (confirmed by webmaster in 2010) and Ireland. There may be other locations as well.

Unfortunately, Montgomery County Texas History, Volume 1 original books are no longer availble from the Society. While this book is indeed a rare edition, as a public service, we know of three (now two) original books purchased by a now elderly original owner that are for sale. Price is $365.00 per book and includes shipping and handling. If Interested, contact The old man insisted that I say it is a "take it or leave it" price or remove the books from the website and he will leave them to his heirs. My apologies for the bluntness!

Reprints are available, as described below, from the Society for $135.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling. Please, please, please read the complete description below before purchasing.

Full Name Index to Montgomery County History, Volume I
This is a full-name index to the Montgomery County History-Texas Volume I, Indexed. 19 pages. 1984.
Book #6004.COH, $12.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

Note: For those of you familiar with the original book, this is an expanded version and is not a copy of the original index in the back of the book.

History Of Montgomery County, Volume 2
Ten years in the making, this book contains genealogical narrative written by numerous families in Montgomery County Texas. Hardcover, blue color binding, black text, numerous pictures. Indexed. 684 pages. 2012.
Book #6006.COH, $65.00 plus $6.00 S&H

The Herald Newsletter
Montgomery County Genealogical
and Historical Society, Inc.
Montgomery County, Texas
This page was last updated: May 18, 2019
REPRINTS of Volume One Montgomery County Texas History book  are now available.

We succesfully digitized in high resolulution a surviving original book.  The original book was destroyed in the process but allowed an 8.5" by 11.0" reproduction of the original 633 page oversized book (to include numerous pictures) to be produced.

Because there has been some misunderstanding about the nature of this reprint, please read and understand the following.
  • Content is the same but has been reduced to 8.5" by 11.0".
  • The reprint is printed on 8.5" by 11.0" white paper, in 600 dpi high resolution black ink, with a plastic comb binding.
  • While the content and pictures are the same, the reprint is not identical in appearance, size or material of the original book.
  • The pictures are almost identical but several of the pictures in the original book, some over a hundred years old, were "half tone" and did not lend themselves well to todays high resolution cameras, which capture every blemish.
  • We did the best we could, considering the original books are going on 50 years old!

The original book is now a collectors book. It was a 1st place award winning publication, compiled from 1977 to 1981 and published in late 1981. The original is an oversized 9"+ by 12"+ hardback, bound in black cloth with gold lettering and a lay on color image of yesteryear Montgomery County set in on the front cover. Numerous family histories from Montgomery County Texas include around 600 photo illustrations and over 1,000 family names. An updated index is available.

This 633 page book has all but disappeared from the marketplace. Private sellers are getting, depending on condition, $250 to $385 per book when they sell,  which is almost never. We hope this reprint will bridge the distance from 1981 to todays Montgomery County Texas genealogist pursuits.