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History Of Montgomery County, Volume 2
Ten years in the making, this is another example of traditional genealogical narrative written by families. Hardcover, blue color binding, black text, numerous pictures. Indexed. 684 pages. 2012.
Book #6006.COH, $65.00 plus $6.00 S&H

Index to Volume 2


Montgomery County Texas History, Volume 1
Written in 1981, this is an outstanding example of traditional genealogical narrative written by families whose roots run deep in the county. It is prefaced with an account of the development of Montgomery County by noted Texas historian, Professor Leon Clark Hallman. 1982 First Place Winner, Texas State Genealogical Society, Hard-bound. Maps, Photos, Illustrations. 632 pages. 1981.
Book #6003.COH,
THE ORIGINAL BOOK IS SOLD OUT and NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM the SOCIETY; however, the original Volume I is available from 2 private sellers for $265.00 includes S&H. Contact the webmaster for details.

Volume I History Book is now available as a reduced size reprint.
The original book is 9" by 12". A smaller size reprint is now available at $135.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling.  The original book has been digitized, resized to 8.5 by 11.00, printed on white paper,  with cardstock covers and black plastic comb binding. Content is the same, but slightly smaller.

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Full Name Index-Montgomery County History, Volume I
This is a full-name index to the Montgomery County History-Texas Volume I, Indexed. 190 pages. 1984
Book #6004.COH
This 62 page book is availble at no charge.

Index to People, Places and Events, Volume 1

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