This is a meeting protocol paraphrased from the By Laws of the Society. Refer to bylaws and standing rules for specific wordings. click here.

Meeting Agenda
(Required by by laws, shall be presented at each meeting and shall include)
a. Call to order
b. Opening ceremonies - invocation and pledges
c. Announcements - exits, restrooms, mute cell phones
d. Recognize guests.
e. Roll call and determination of a quorum
f.  Reading of minutes and approval
g. Treasurer’s report and approval
h. Officers Reports
  • Program
  • Publicity
  • Membership
  • Librarian
  • Chaplain
  • Meeting Room
  • Hospitality
  • Awards
i. Committee Reports
j.  Unfinished business
k. New business
l. Program - Intro, talk, certificate of appreciation
m.  Adjournment -
  • Ask if there is any further biz? address as needed.
  • Announce next meeting date & location
  • Closing Prayer
  • Announce that we are adjourned.

x x x x x x

Prepare Agenda, Open and lead meeting, Call for Officer Reports, New Biz, Unfished Biz, As May Arise,Close meeting.

Acts as official spokesman of society, sets the tone & goals, recognize accomplisments, acts as mediator and facilitator.


1st Vice President
Programs and speakers
Combined Thank you / Confirmation letter

2nd Vice President
Publicity, Communications
  • Newsletter editor
  • Meeting Notice form
  • News release form

3rd Vice President
Member related activities

Finances, Governmental Interactions

Minutes, correspondence
  • Minutes template

Society Governance
  • Approved Resolutions

  • Appoint Nominating Committee Form - (September)
  • Nominating Committee Report to members (October)
  • Acclimation vote form - to elect non opposed positions
  • Secret Ballot - form to elect opposed officers (November)
  • Dignitary speech - to Install New Officers (December)

Society Librarian
Publications, Newsletter, Forms
  • Publications Order Form
  • Pedigree (ancestors) Sheet
  • Verbal Communication Record
  • 2020 Calendar

Directors, At Large
Invocation, dispense sunshine, Prayers, cards
  • Opening Prayer
  • Closing Prayer

Pledge & Flag
place the flag at meetings and lead the pledges.

Meeting Room
prepare the meeting room.

Plaques, Certificates, Awards

social events, snacks and refreshments
Montgomery County Genealogical
and Historical Society, Inc.
Located in Montgomery County, Texas
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Protocol for Meetings